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When life throws more and more responsibilities at you, it is easy to lose track of everything. Your brain isn’t the most reliable when it comes to paying that car insurance bill, or reminding you that you have a meeting at too early in the morning.

1. Take photos of important documents and upload them on a cloud based service, like dropbox and google drive. Just in case you’re stuck in a foreign country, and your passport got stolen, you still have a copy of your documents online that you can access. I recently caved and paid for a yearly subscription of dropbox. My phone is connected to dropbox, so it backs up all my photos as well. I also back up my camera photos.

2. Write down to do lists in the order of importance. This is important because it is easy to forget things when there is just so much to be done.

3. Keep separate files for separate bills. The last thing you want when trying to find a specific piece of paper, is to be digging through a pile of bills that is in no order whatsoever. When you have paid off the bill, note that down and file it away.

4. Organize your phone contacts by categories. Eg, Family, friends, coworkers, restaurants, Family in HK etc. As you get older and accumulate more contacts, a name like ‘Bill’ doesn’t exactly describe who that person is.

5. Keep a folder of all your receipts, warranties and guides for your electrical devices. Sometimes it is annoying to keep all the boxes around, so keep the contents of the boxes filed away for the day your phone decides to stop working.



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