Handbag Wish List


I don’t believe in the whole ~you can never have too many bags~ thing. Maybe because lately I started to understand the whole quality > quantity idea, and the concept of actually getting use out of the items you own. What is the point of spending 3000$ on a bag that sees sunlight once a year? I believe that all you need is a few bags for different situations (work, night out, casual day, fancy event..etc).

If I had all the money in the world……

  1. LV Alma BB in Vernis Leather  (or Epi) – I love how small and cute this bag is. To me, this looks like a casual brunch out with friends type of bag. It carries all the essentials while still looking cute and sophisticated.
  2. Prada Double Zip Tote – A perfect work bag because it is structured and carries a lot of stuff. I love how it also has a strap that you can attach to it. Prada bags are classic and elegant, which would make it my ideal work bag.
  3. Balenciaga City Tote – Kinda edgy and super casual, the balenciaga bag brings out the edgier side in every outfit. It looks especially great after being worn in a bit, especially since the leather is so soft.
  4. Hermes Kelly – The most expensive and luxurious bag out of the bunch, you can’t simply rock up to Hermes to buy one of these. At roughly $10,000, this bag is at the top in terms of quality and name brand. This would be a great bag for a formal work event, or even just casually on a day out when paired with the strap.


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