2016 | Resolutions


  1. Lose weight. I am reaching 23 in less than a months time, and my doctor told me it is unhealthy for me to continue on with my no exercise, eat everything lifestyle. Partly it is for vanity reasons, but mostly it is for not wanting to get a stroke at 30 reasons. I also want to not look like a fat potato in photos, so there’s that.
  2. Blog more – my blog is grow slowly, but surely. It is something I enjoy doing and want to continue doing. I also want to put more time into my content and photos, and try out a few new things like perhaps filming make up tutorials.
  3. Travel – I am taking a trip to Italy in May, and I want to take another trip at the end of the year. I think now is the time to travel and have fun, before I have too much commitment and responsibility. I also want to do more things within New Zealand.
  4. Go out more – and I don’t mean party more, but in general say yes to more plans, make more plans myself, connect with old friends and make new friends.
  5. Spend less money – 2015 was a big spending year for me. I didn’t save very much, bought a lot of stuff I really didn’t need, and was in general pretty #YOLO with my money. I have a bad mindset of ~oh I am still young I can start saving when I am older~. Except I am older (well, soon) and its time to get my financials together if I ever want my own roof to live under one day.
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  • Some great resolutions.
    I’m guilty of not socializing enough, you are so busy during the week that couch and a movie sometimes seems more appealing!
    Good Luck with your goals x