Bronzer vs Contouring

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As any member of the makeup obsessed community would know, contouring has been the new IT thing for the longest time. However, outside of the small circle of beauty addicts online and in real life, a lot of people don’t seem to know the difference between contouring and bronzing.Both methods just use a darker shade of something under the blush area, right???


Bronzer focuses on warming up the skin so they tend to have a bit more warmth to them. Contouring is supposed to give your face more dimensions, which is why contouring products tend to be grey toned since it is supposed to mimic a shadow effect. Some bronzers contain shimmer to really give you that sun kissed look, but you should never ever use a shimmery product for contouring because the shimmer will reflect the light, which kinda defeats the purpose of making it look shadowy.

Bronzer can be applied around the face with a fluffy brush, from the temples to under the cheekbones, and then down to the chin in a “3” motion. It is meant to bring warmth and colour to the face, which is why a lot of bronzers lean towards a orange / gold tone.

Contouring is mainly applied under the jaw with a more precise brush right underneath the cheek bones in a diagonal line, stopping when it lines up to the iris of your eyes, and down the sides and bridge of your nose. Basically, you want create a shadow illusion by shading in the areas you want to appear slimmer. Contour is meant to sculpt your face, while bronzer warms up your complexion.

Recommended bronzers: Nars Laguna (contains shimmer), Hourglass ambient lighting bronzers (also has shimmer), Benefit Hoola (Leans grey, so can be used as a contour)

Recommended contour: Sleek contour kit, Anastasia contour kit, Mac mineralized skin finish natural (2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone)

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