2016 | Resolutions


  1. Lose weight. I am reaching 23 in less than a months time, and my doctor told me it is unhealthy for me to continue on with my no exercise, eat everything lifestyle. Partly it is for vanity reasons, but mostly it is for not wanting to get a stroke at 30 reasons. I also want to not look like a fat potato in photos, so there’s that.
  2. Blog more – my blog is grow slowly, but surely. It is something I enjoy doing and want to continue doing. I also want to put more time into my content and photos, and try out a few new things like perhaps filming make up tutorials.
  3. Travel – I am taking a trip to Italy in May, and I want to take another trip at the end of the year. I think now is the time to travel and have fun, before I have too much commitment and responsibility. I also want to do more things within New Zealand.
  4. Go out more – and I don’t mean party more, but in general say yes to more plans, make more plans myself, connect with old friends and make new friends.
  5. Spend less money – 2015 was a big spending year for me. I didn’t save very much, bought a lot of stuff I really didn’t need, and was in general pretty #YOLO with my money. I have a bad mindset of ~oh I am still young I can start saving when I am older~. Except I am older (well, soon) and its time to get my financials together if I ever want my own roof to live under one day.

2016 | Make Up Goals


I just got back to New Zealand in the last few days. After neglecting this blog for the whole duration of my Christmas break, I didn’t know what to write next. I didn’t want to do a stereotypical new years resolution post, because I still don’t know what my resolutions are yet. I also didn’t want to do a reflection on 2015 post because that chapter is behind me, and I didn’t want to start 2016 thinking about all the things I should have done in 2015.

So I decided to come up with some make up related goals.

I own a decent amount of make up. More than the average person, less than the average make up guru. My spending on make up reached a high last year when I made multiple Sephora orders within the first few months of the year, which landed me in VIB, as well as a drawer with a bunch of stuff I really didn’t need.

So for 2016, I want to cut down my spending on makeup.

Going through my drawer, I have so many things just sitting there, some not even opened, waiting around to finally get used. The reality is that I know I will never finish or even come close to finishing any of these products. I shouldn’t spend more money to buy things that’s just going to sit there gathering dust.

I also want to be more bold with my makeup, mainly with lipstick. I am scared to wear bold lipstick, especially at work. And while I still don’t think I will wear magenta lipstick at work, I want to wear it after work, when I am with friends, on the weekends.

I want to wear more makeup in 2016. And that might sound weird, but normally for work I either am too lazy in the morning or wake up 30 minutes before I am meant to be at work, so all I wear is some brow product. I want to actually fix my sleep schedule, wake up earlier so I actually have time to do things and put on proper makeup before heading out for the day.

And lastly, I want to do something about that makeup artist certificate I have. The one that sits under my university degree, not doing anything (along with my university degree). I dunno whether I would go into freelancing, doing tutorials or what, but I don’t want to put that to waste.