2016 | Make Up Goals


I just got back to New Zealand in the last few days. After neglecting this blog for the whole duration of my Christmas break, I didn’t know what to write next. I didn’t want to do a stereotypical new years resolution post, because I still don’t know what my resolutions are yet. I also didn’t want to do a reflection on 2015 post because that chapter is behind me, and I didn’t want to start 2016 thinking about all the things I should have done in 2015.

So I decided to come up with some make up related goals.

I own a decent amount of make up. More than the average person, less than the average make up guru. My spending on make up reached a high last year when I made multiple Sephora orders within the first few months of the year, which landed me in VIB, as well as a drawer with a bunch of stuff I really didn’t need.

So for 2016, I want to cut down my spending on makeup.

Going through my drawer, I have so many things just sitting there, some not even opened, waiting around to finally get used. The reality is that I know I will never finish or even come close to finishing any of these products. I shouldn’t spend more money to buy things that’s just going to sit there gathering dust.

I also want to be more bold with my makeup, mainly with lipstick. I am scared to wear bold lipstick, especially at work. And while I still don’t think I will wear magenta lipstick at work, I want to wear it after work, when I am with friends, on the weekends.

I want to wear more makeup in 2016. And that might sound weird, but normally for work I either am too lazy in the morning or wake up 30 minutes before I am meant to be at work, so all I wear is some brow product. I want to actually fix my sleep schedule, wake up earlier so I actually have time to do things and put on proper makeup before heading out for the day.

And lastly, I want to do something about that makeup artist certificate I have. The one that sits under my university degree, not doing anything (along with my university degree). I dunno whether I would go into freelancing, doing tutorials or what, but I don’t want to put that to waste.