The best gifts are the ones you buy yourself


When I hit 90 days at my first job out of university, I bought myself a Tiffany necklace to celebrate. In a sense, it was also a 21st birthday present for myself, a rather late one, and a congrats on making it into the real world, from me to me. When I finished university, I was 20 with no idea what I wanted to do in life. Armed with a computer science degree, I went out and somehow got a job in the industry with an employer that treats me well.

A lot of it was luck, being at the right place at the right time, being turned down from jobs that lead me to this one. But a lot of it was also my hard work, adjusting to a new lifestyle, learning new things from scratch, all the work I did during university. So when I hit three months, I wanted to buy something to acknowledge it.


There was something special buying a gift for yourself, with the money you earned on something you truly want. When I first got the necklace, I wore it for a few months straight, and every time I looked at it, it reminds me of my first few months at work, learning, being confused, growing up.


When 2015 started, I was about to turn 22. Been out of uni for a year already, and almost been working for a year, I decided that I wanted to buy myself something nice. I have been looking for a wallet for the longest time, and when the SA at Prada told me that prices were going up very soon, I decided to talk the plunge and buy a wallet. And while the purchase was slightly impulsive, it was still a birthday / congrats on surviving one year in the adult world type of gift, from me to me.

The thing about buying gifts for yourself is that no one else knows you best, so you always know you’ll enjoy the gift. It doesn’t even have to be something designer or expensive, but it is the sentiment behind it that makes it meaningful.

What have you bought for yourself lately?

Handbag Wish List


I don’t believe in the whole ~you can never have too many bags~ thing. Maybe because lately I started to understand the whole quality > quantity idea, and the concept of actually getting use out of the items you own. What is the point of spending 3000$ on a bag that sees sunlight once a year? I believe that all you need is a few bags for different situations (work, night out, casual day, fancy event..etc).

If I had all the money in the world……

  1. LV Alma BB in Vernis Leather  (or Epi) – I love how small and cute this bag is. To me, this looks like a casual brunch out with friends type of bag. It carries all the essentials while still looking cute and sophisticated.
  2. Prada Double Zip Tote – A perfect work bag because it is structured and carries a lot of stuff. I love how it also has a strap that you can attach to it. Prada bags are classic and elegant, which would make it my ideal work bag.
  3. Balenciaga City Tote – Kinda edgy and super casual, the balenciaga bag brings out the edgier side in every outfit. It looks especially great after being worn in a bit, especially since the leather is so soft.
  4. Hermes Kelly – The most expensive and luxurious bag out of the bunch, you can’t simply rock up to Hermes to buy one of these. At roughly $10,000, this bag is at the top in terms of quality and name brand. This would be a great bag for a formal work event, or even just casually on a day out when paired with the strap.